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We serve most communities in Entire Worcester County, Hamden County, and surrounding towns and cities.

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Ace Medical Services offers a wide range of rehabilitative therapy services:

  • Physical Therapy

    • Post-OP Orthopedic Surgery Rehabilitation for Total hip/knee, fractures, etc.
    • Neuro-rehabilitation for Parkinson’s Disease, MS, CVA, etc.
    • Incontinence Training
    • Wheelchair/adaptive equipment acquiring/training
    • Improving Strength, Range of Motion
    • Balance Restoration
    • Minimizing Fall Risk for the Patient
    • Lymphedema Management and Care
    • Training in Posture and Positioning
    • Energy Conservation Training and Management
  • Occupational Therapy
    • Fine Motor Skill Training for buttoning, writing, etc.
    • Energy Management and Conservation
    • Prevention of Injury and Health Complications
    • Dressing, Bathing, Toileting Training
    • Training to Restore Balance
    • Adaptive Equipment Assessment
    • Cognition and Psychosocial Needs Evaluation
    • Management of Primary Lymphedema
    • Improving Coordination
    • Upper Extremity Strength Restoration
  • Speech Therapy
    • Dysphagia Treatment (Difficulty in Swallowing)
    • Auditory Processing Disorders Therapy
    • Phonological Delays Treatment
    • Treatment for Vocal Deficits due to Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, MS
    • Dysarthria Treatment
    • Hearing or Aural Rehabilitation
    • Assessment of Learning Difficulties
    • Instruction on Eating and Swallowing Strategies

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of service possible to our clients, their families, case managers, discharge planners and physicians.

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